A. Every minute on the minute for 12 minutes:
     Minute 1: as many Legless Rope Climbs as possible in 45 seconds
     Minute 2: Hanging L-Sit (try to hold for 45 seconds)
     Minute 3: Superman hold for 45 seconds
     Minute 4: Supine Row hold for 45 seconds

B. Shoulder Press, eight sets of 2 reps, increasing load each set. Thirty second rests between sets. Barbell must be cleaned from the floor, no rack allowed. Time cap of 10 minutes. 

C. Four rounds for time of:
    6 Box Jumps (30”/24”)
    12 Hang Kettlebell High-Pulls (70lb/50lb)

D. Mobility 101 @ 10:00am: 
     Points of Interest: Shoulder/Lats/Tricep

E. Strength 101 @ 6:00pm:
    Olympic Total – best of three attempts
                              Clean and Jerk

o    For those who are just starting with us and have yet to master these movements, there will be a scaled version of this test.
o    Move with purpose, you have only a limited time to complete both lifts. If you run out of time, you are done.

Record scores to Members Area.

M.I.A. We hope to see you soon, Justin!

M.I.A. We hope to see you soon, Justin!