A. Every minute for 12 minutes:
     1st minute: Barbell Roll-outs
     2nd minute: Handstand hold, freestanding or against the wall, 45 seconds
     3rd minute: Pelvic Bridge, 45 seconds

B. Every minute for 8 minutes:
     3 Hang Power Snatch @ 70% 1RM Hang Power Snatch. . 
*Last completed 07/02/15.

C. “Sloane” (a CFF original by Sloane May)
     5 rounds for time:
        50 Double-unders
        2 Rope Climbs, 15’ ascent
        10 Box Jumps, 24”- Men/ 20” – Ladies
*Last completed 09/02/15. Time CAP: 20 minutes.

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You looking at me?

You looking at me?