Ben doing Overhead Stationary Lunges

Ben doing Overhead Stationary Lunges


A. “Jumping Kettle Balls”
     Complete as many rounds/reps as
     possible in 10 minutes of:
     15 Wall Ball Shots
     30 American Kettlebell Swings
     60 Double Unders

Level 3: 20lbs-10’/14lbs-10’, 70lb/53lb, DU
Level 2: 14lbs-10’/10lbs-10’, 53lb/35lb, DU
Level 1: 14lbs-9’/10lbs-9’, 35lb/26lb, Singles

Masters (age 40-49) & Masters+ (age 50+)
Level 3: Same as above
Level 2: Masters 35lb/26lb KBS
              Masters+ 14lb-9’/10lb-9’, 35lb/26lb
Level 1: Masters 14lb-9’/10lb-9’, 26lb/18lb
             Masters+ 14lb-8’/10lb-8’, 26lb/18lb

B. Strength 101 @ 6:00 pm:
     Power Snatch 8x3. Increase load.
     90 seconds rest.

Post rounds/reps and load to Members Area or comments.