Happy Birthday Kim and Alex!



"The 12 guilts after Christmas"

Members will pick 12 items from the list below based on foods they have eaten this week. Each item will have a movement and number attached. Those 12 items will become the member's WOD. (Movements are pre assigned and are 1 of 5 possibilities: burpees, box jumps, running, rowing, wall balls)

-something chocolate
-egg nog
-something that could be in a salad
-fruit cake
-any kind of protein (ham, turkey, steak...etc)
-any amount of alcohol
-Chinese food
-something paleo
-something homemade
-something store bought
-coffee (black)
-coffee (with....)
-Santa's cookies
-something with peppermint
-any amount of water
-something green
-something red
-a vegetable
-went back for seconds, thirds... Etc...
-something with peanut butter
-ice cream
-ate nothing this week

Movements and numbers will be revealed at the beginning of class.

9AM: 9am TEAM WOD:

"The 12 Rope Climbs after Christmas"

Teams of 3 will complete the following tasks in any order they choose. (Note: must finish all reps of chosen task before moving on to the next task)

-4K Row
-400m (inside) sandbag lunges
-100 Back Squats
-100 Deadlifts


-Only ONE person may work on the list above at a time.

-The other 2 partners must complete collectively: 12 rope climbs OR 20 burpees pull ups. After completing 12 rope climbs or 20 burpee pull ups, ONE of the 2 partners may switch with the person working on the list.

Complete as fast as possible.

Post scores to Members Area.