Beauties in the Box


The emphasis in this four (4) week, (8) class course is on muscular strength, endurance, flexibility, and safety.  We offer a morning class, evening class and weekend class; this is done to meet clients schedule needs. The class size is limited to only four (4) people per class so that each receives a customized routine and the attention needed as they reach their goal.  Each of the four (4) clients may have different fitness goals, getting lean, building muscle, boosting performance, or overall health, but will receive tailored workouts developed by Debby Fair C.C.S. for their needs.  In each class we will cover; warm-up/cool down procedures, lifting technique and safety for all lifts, major muscle identification and the role it plays in your individual workout routine for that day. The eight (8) classes will always vary in exercises so that you will always be challenged!  What will not vary is that each week contains two (2) classes which will be dedicated to upper body one day and lower body the next. We do abdominal work each day. The two hour weekend class will be a full body work out with abdominal work.

Debby Fair C.C.S. is known for her belief in Trainers and Accountability, this is why she does a weekly Body fat analysis (Futrex 5500/XL), and/or body measurements for those that request this, nutritional counseling, and will provide you with personal workout sheets and daily hydration & food journal sheets to assist you in achieving your  goals. Debby will keep a record that is updated weekly on your progress and will review with you at any time. You will receive handouts that reinforce through references, training or nutritional tips covered in class. Debby believes that as a Personal Trainer and Conditioning Specialist, it is her responsibility to educate her clients during their workouts. Her personal philosophy of accountability and education of both her and her client is the most important component in her courses and the key to her client’s success.

This class will be the first of many classes, covering many different topics that Debby Fair C.C.S. will be offering in 2019! She is also accepting Private Clients for Training here at CrossFit Frederick for both members and non-members.  You may call her at 760-218-3343 or feel free to talk to her when you see her here at CFF.

Fees and Registration:

Please send Debby Fair C.C.S. 760-218-3343 a text or an email at once you have made your payment through the provided link on this page. Include your class time preference: morning, evening or weekend. Also she will need your name and email to send your confirmation and Beauties in the Box™   class information packet.

$150.00 - Exclusive courtesy rate for CrossFit Frederick Members

$275.00 - Non-CrossFit Frederick Member

Forms of payment accepted are cash, check or credit card via the PayPal link. .

Class times available. Please select one class time and call or text Debby at 760-218-3343.

Tuesday & Thursday 12:30-1:30 PM (offsite at our Mt. Airy private location) (SOLD OUT)
Tuesday & Thursday 7-8 PM
Saturday 10:30 AM-12:30 PM